About Teb Inc.

We have provided precision machining to our customers for over 60 years

What We Do


Work with you to understand your design so we can fabricate your parts in the most cost and time efficient manner possible

Build Parts

  • Hydraulic Parts: Valves, Fittings, Pistons, Actuators, Complex Manifold Bodies with Ports
  • Tube Swaged Parts: Struts, Control Rods, Tie Rods with Bushing and Bearings
  • And more

Our History

TEB Inc. was incorporated in the state of California in 1960  primarily to service industries and the U.S. government with requirements beyond their normal machining capacity. The services we provide consist of precision machined parts and assembles that are not only complex, but also require a high level of quality and integrity.


With every changing times, Teb Inc. has always strived to find innovative ways to maintain competitiveness allowing companies to continue  to manufacture here in America. We work with companies that need help with both manufacturing and cost control.  With sixty years of problem solving, we have helped some of the world’s leading companies reach their goals.


Teb Inc. worked with companies including Jet Propulsion Laboratory  to help put man into space .


Teb Inc. manufactured parts for  companies building commercial aircraft that still dominate the world today.


Teb Inc. helped companies including Rohr and Gulfstream to achieve air superiority in the business jet class.


Teb Inc. assisted companies including The Nordam Group become a key manufacturer in the nacelle engine industries.


Teb Inc. has helped companies like Barry Controls, Whittaker Controls (Meggitt North Hollywood) to maintain cost control with just in time deliveries.

Our Quality Policy

Our policy is to provide quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and complies with purchase orders and contractual requirements.


Meet Expectations

To provide products that fulfill customer expectations


Zero Defect

To achieve a zero defect rate for our manufactured products


On Time

To achieve on time and as promised delivery of our products



To offer our products at a competitive price and stay profitable


Meet AS9100 / ISO 9001

Comply to maintain a workable and effective AS9100 / ISO 9001 Standard Quality System and strive for continual improvement


Years Established

Completed Projects

Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Work Instruction and Routing Document Implementation on Repeat Jobs
  • Work Instruction with Detailed Instructions for Every Operation
  • More Pictorial Documentation of Every Tooling Operation plus Documented Setup Boxes
  • Detailed Tooling Documentation Means Faster Turnaround on Repeat Orders
  • Detail Inspection Pictures Showing Techniques of How Key Dimensions are Inspected
  • Eliminating Repeating Errors or Problems of Critical Dimension
  • New Hires Will Have Shorter Learning Curve to Get Them Up to Speed on Production Efficiency
  • This Will Save Time on Set up because Someone Can’t Remember What a Tool Looked Like or Where to Find it

Contact Us

14288 Central Avenue Unit B Chino, CA 91710

(909) 941-8100